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I'm Kelsey, a portrait and wedding photographer based

in Columbus, Oh. 

I'm a health nut with a weakness for spaghetti and chicken wings. Born and raised in New Jersey, relocated to Ohio. Most days, you can find me thrifting vintage stores, grabbing a vanilla latte from an overpriced but super cool coffee shop, grabbing tasty food with friends, or dreaming of soaking up the sun on my favorite beach. I own way too many earth toned clothes & ripped jeans, aaaand I have a really cute pup, named Tito (yes, like the guy from Rocket Power) and a kitty cat named Butters. 

I am all about turning clients into friends and capturing moments that can last a lifetime. The BEST photos come from the real moments- the moments that you forget that I'm even with you. I work best with people who aren't afraid to get out of their comfort zone. 

Not in Ohio? Talk to me about travel!




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